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Radio Training

RTRFM runs an introductory radio training course. If you want to learn how to become a radio presenter then this is your starting point. We offer one course for those who wish to become presenters on RTRFM.

Training Course

Designed for entry level learners with no previous radio experience and learners with some level of experience in broadcasting.

Taught by Will Backler, RTRFM’s Program Director, Dawn Yates, RTRFM presenter and Sarah Tout who is a certified Radio Trainer, Murdoch University Radio Tutor.

We offer a two hour a week, six week course in basic broadcast training. This training covers:


One Community Radio and RTRFM – an overview of the history and structure of RTRFM and a general overview of the Community Radio Sector in Australia.


Programming and Music – RTRFM’s Music Coordinator will speak about RTRFM’s Music Policy and how best to put a show together.


Presenting and Scripting –  A run down on how to script a show as well as how to create a radio persona. To understand your audience and what they want from you as a presenter.


Interviewing – A basic introduction to interviewing techniques and running a successful interview.


How Radio Works and Editing – Our Broadcast Engineer Stan Fotinos will give you the basic on how radio reaches your ear. He will also give you technical look at the studio and you will also learn basic editing skills.


Where to? – RTRFM’s Operations Manager Chris Wheeldon will tell you where to from here. Becoming a member, becoming a presenter, rules and regulations of the station and expectations of volunteer presenters.

It is policy that all graduates from the training course do at least three (3) overnight programs, Uplate or Snooze Button before doing a show elswhere on the grid. Also be aware space on other programs is sometimes limited so your time on the overnight programs maybe extended.


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The course costs $350 full-price and $300 for students, and run throughout the week and on weekends at the RTRFM office in Mt Lawley. Get in touch with Chris Wheeldon for more info on the when the next courses are scheduled

The RTRFM Training course is designed to teach you how to broadcast on RTRFM and is offered to everyone no matter what your experience. It is station policy that everyone who broadcasts goes through the course.

Dates from March – September were cancelled due to Covid – 19.

We have set new dates via the Link below. These dates are not gauranteed to go ahead and depend on Covid  – 19 Restrictions.

Head to this LINK to sign up to one of the course on offer.

You can pay your deposit for the course here.

*please note a course will only go ahead with a minimum of 8 people attending. Your course maybe moved if 8 people are not enrolled.

If you have any further questions please contact Chris Wheeldon (