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Woodstock Rock 30th Anniversary Mix

For thirty years RTRFM program Woodstock Rock has played the music surrounding that cultural movement every Thursday night from 8 to 10pm. To celebrate, we’re throwing a party on Friday 17 January at Mojo’s Bar.

Jason Cleary – Station Manager and member of Thee Children of Nuggets (featuring members of Cheater Five, Three Orange Whips & High Learys) and Ross Chisholm – long time Woodstock presenter and music knowledge guru, gives you a taste of the night with a playlist featuring 1964-75 classics.


1. The Who  – A Quick One While He’s Away

“This is the band that really started my love affair with this period, I knew the Stones and Beatles of course and they are both amazing, but first time I saw The Who I was just flabbergasted … then I thought – I wanna do that!”

2. The Wild Cherries – Krome Plated Yabby

“Lobby Lloyde is the greatest guitarist Australia has produced in my opinion and The Wild Cherries were one of his earliest bands, he also played with The Aztecs, Purple Hearts, Rose Tattoo and The Coloured Balls.”

3. Moby Grape – Hey Grandma

“I was obsessed with this band for about a year. Skip Spence is probably best know for his LSD use and also made one of the great psych albums of all time after being booted from this band.”

4. Godz – Crusade

“Shit starts to get weird here, real weird. This New York acts 2nd album Godz2 is a must have. I don’t think I have heard anyone get as far out as this band did.”

5. 13th Floor Elevators – Your Gonna Miss M

“This is simply a great song, Roky Erickson’s voice is just amazing. The Elevators are considered the godfathers of Texan psych. I first heard them through The Nuggets box set and pretty much buried myself in anything I could find – which was not so easy in the pre-internet days.”

6. MC5 – Human Being Lawnmower

“Detroit has produced so much great music across so many & varied genres over the years and still does, check out The Go (who made my album of 2013 called Fiesta). Back In The USA is the perfect rock and roll album to me, and if your head is still screwed on by the time you get to this last album track then it will blow it clean off.”

7. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

“Hard to pick a song by this band, they are the crown in Australian music of this period, and George Young and Harry Vanda have just gone on to own the iconic Alberts Music. This out of time clip from French TV still shows how cool they were and it is forgotten just how huge they were at the time, almost rivaling The Beatles at one stage.”

8. Townes Van Zant – Snake Mountain Blues

“Not really considered an artist of this period but he put out 3 definitive albums in 68/69 alone of fingerpicked Texan country psych. His live recordings are worth listening to just for his hilarious drunken ramblings, he possibly could have been a stand up comedian, but his music cries melancholy and sadness at every turn. If you have not heard Townes Van Zandt then you need to hear this now.”

9. Bob Dylan – Leopardskin Pillbox Hat

“How to choose one song by either Dylan or The Band? But here is Dylan basically backed by The Band during his controversial “going electric” period, and this particular live version is brilliant.”

10. The Sonics – Psycho

“They are possibly THE garage band and have influenced every garage band since. Gerry Roslie still has the greatest scream ever and uses it to full effect in this tune. Contrary to popular music history where most bands end in a haze of drugs and mental health issues the most raucous garage band ever ended up as doctors, professors and teachers.”

11. The Move – I Can Hear The Grass Grow

“A bunch of Brummie mods who made beautiful psychedelic flower power, before preceding to beat the living hell out of each other and often their audience. Best known for the subsequent career of Roy Wood (ELO & Wizzard).”

12. The Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society

“So many songs I have left off the list but I am going to end with the definitive English band The Kinks and one of my favourite albums of all time The Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society. Possibly the defining English concept album by a band that started heavy metal, wrote the garage rock handbook then put English 60s culture into song through rose coloured glasses.”


1. Hawkwind – Urban Guerilla

2. Grateful Dead – Truckin’

3. Sly & The Family Stone – Higher

4. Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention – Trouble Comin’ Every Day

5. CAN – Vitamin C

6. Pretty Things – Midnight To Six

7. Coloured Balls – The Devil’s Disciple

8. Madder Lake – 12lb Toothbrush

9. Master’s Apprentices – Future of our Nation

10. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – (American Bandstand segment)