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Tue 18 Sep 2018 Listen

Tuesday musical hang outs with MARK NEAL.

3 hours of guitar swirling songwriter goodness traversing the world of alternative, folk, rock, post post things, and country tinged happy-times. Filled out with some glorious ambient moments and some tasty funky bites of RNB and hip hop.

Featuring new things from ‘Emma Louise’ and her album ‘Lilac Everything’.

Exciting post rock/punk sounds from WA songwriter ‘Methhead Actor’ and his new tune ‘CSYS’.

Brilliant noise from Austin band ‘Borzoi’ on their upcoming album ‘A Prayer for War’.

Smoking soul from ‘Blood Orange’ and the latest album ‘Negro Swan’.

Sargent house label reveals the delightful new LP from ‘Emma Ruth Rundle’ title ‘On Dark Horses’

And a heck of a lovingly loud local feature from ‘Skullcave’ titled ‘Fear’.

Mark’s Tuesday Highlight: Hodera and their heavy feelings on a track titled Hey Ana – 12.51


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