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Spoonful of Blues

Mondays 7pm-9pm

From its beginnings in the Mississippi delta as the call-and-response chants of plantation workers to the musically technical and progressive genre that it has become, the blues has an atmosphere and style all its own.

Started 40 years ago by local blues man Steve Tallis, Spoonful of Blues takes in a veritable feast of different approaches to the genre, including swampy New Orleans blues, classic styles like Delta and Memphis blues, fusions like country, soul and gospel blues, and the fuzzed-out psychedelically tinged electric blues. Incorporating guitar and piano-based variations on the genre, Spoonful of blues offers up soulful tunes for a Monday night in the company of some of the greatest legends of music, as well as contemporary artists taking the genre to new audiences.

From down and dirty to the greatest heights of musical invention, if it sings it like it means it, it’s here on Spoonful of Blues.

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Mon 14 Oct 2019 Listen

Tonight's show is brought to you by Rhymin' Simon. We have a special guest coming int the studio for a chat as well as playing a tune or two live. The special guests are the Swampt Stompers who are making their 5th tour of Western Australia. 

It is a diverse show. Besides playing new music from Rick Estrin, Toronzo Cannon and Heather Newman we will be playing Charly Patton. Smokey Hogg and Little Milton. In addition we will be doing a special feature of the Ann Arbor Blues Festival which took play 50 years ago. Enjoy!


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