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Plucked Strings

Sundays 6pm - 7pm

People have loved the sound of plucked strings going back over 3,000 years to the dawn of instrumental music.  Plucked Strings plays lots from Appalachian dulcimer to zither with more than a few guitars and you will hear recordings of them from around the globe.

It’s a varied programme of music from the rich world of the guitar and related instruments, notice of events, live performances, new releases, Guitar Society news, and interviews.


  • during broadcast time; RTRFM Studio 9260 9210
  • any time; phone/text – 0420 619 414, RTRFM email – To make your email easier to find please put PLUCKED STRINGS in the subject line.

Plucked Strings maintains a Diary of plucked strings events on the web and that’s also the place to go to add a gig.


Gentileschi, Orazio Florentine, 1563 – 1639
The Lute Player  c. 1612/1620
oil on canvas  overall: 143.5 x 129 cm
National Gallery of Art, USA
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1962.8.1

Guitar made by Hermann Hauser
Medium:Spruce, rosewood, mahogany, bone or ivory, ebony
Height (At tail): (9.8 cm) Width (Total): (97.7 cm) Depth (Lower bouts): (37 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA
Credit Line:Gift of Emilita Segovia, Marquessa of Salobreña, 1986 Accession Number:1986.353.1

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Sun 9 Dec 2018 Listen

PLUCKED STRINGS with guest Aidan Deasey to talk about his PhD dissertation on the little-known manuscript Il Leuto Anatomizzato (The Anatomised Lute) publilshed in Rome around 1650.

Presented by Graham Hawkes.  Next Sunday 6pm, Plucked Strings brought to you by Natalie.


  • Composer = Alan Banks

  • A converstaion with Mr Aidan Deasy who  is currently undertaking a PhD dissertation on the little-known manuscript Il Leuto Anatomizzato (The Anatomised Lute). It covers different disciplines, among them are transcribing, transposing and playing the lute, composition, improvising and covers the different types of lutes and lute tuning used in Italy and France during the first half of the 17th century. Written by Pier Francesco Valentini (nobleman, composer, theorist, lute player) in Rome around 1650. It stands alone among didactic lute sources for its scope and ambition.

  • Composer = Angelo Michele Bartolotti [1615-1682]

  • Composer = Angelo Michele Bartolotti [1615-1682]

  • Composer = Joan Ambrosio Dalza - can't find life dates?

  • Composer = John Dowland  [1563-1626]

  • Composer = Robert de Visée [ca.1659 - ca.1723]

  • Composer = Alan Banks

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