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The Rounds

Sundays 11pm-1am

From the nucleus of The Loft, writhing through crucial spots like The Gallery and the Paradise Garage then spreading to a million other dance floors on this planet and beyond – there’s an ever-present sound and a distinct feeling that comes with it.

A propulsive groove and an incitement to dance. It’s not always the same, but you know it when you hear it. Soul and funk mutating into disco. Disco smoothening out into boogie. Boogie toughening up into house. Italo disco, punk funk and a bundle of other strains happening throughout… The Rounds chronicles all of these moments in the dance as well as those still to come.

Ready the smoke machine. Adjust the lights. It’s time to do The Rounds.

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Sun 25 Oct 2020 Listen

The Rounds Presents:
Ascending BPM with Dr. J


We're getting faster! We're taking a trip through time from some 1970's Funk and Disco, to modern music like some House and Garage with the beats per minute increasing steadily as we go. The tunes will still be funky though. The tunes must always be funky!
Join me for the musical excellence.

Much love!

Dr. J


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