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Woodstock Rock

Thursdays 7pm-9pm

The 1960s were a watershed period for popular music, with the rise of the counter-culture, the birth of true 20th century socio-political awareness and the amalgamation of psychedelia with revolutionary and resistant music that struck to the core of the times.

Relive the 60s as you may or may not have experienced it the first time, with a musical journey through politically-charged protest singers, the birth of psychedelia and the burgeoning progressive-rock scene.

Taking in music from right across the globe, including but not limited to the sounds that were emanating from both coasts of the US, Europe and Australia from 1965 to 1975, Woodstock Rock proves that the summer of love is far from over, living on in the music of the times.

Bypassing the most obvious of cultural touchstones, Woodstock Rock digs deep into the crates to bring you lost gems and rediscovered classics, musical oddities and obscure flights of musical fancy from the era when peace, love and understanding ruled supreme.

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Thu 13 Dec 2018 Listen

Presented by Paisley Ray and Richie Rich

Tonight's program starts with guitar-psych and then takes a journey through acid-folk-rock, visiting the Nordic region for some progressive sounds before some LA singer-songwriters and some guitar-slingers to finish.


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